Spine Segmentation

Accurate segmentation and localization of the spine from medical images plays an important role in Computer Aided Diagnoses and can be it used for many clinical tasks to diagnose many diseases like degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.  In this project I developed a semantic segmentation framework for segmenting the spine from CT scans.

Surgical Tool Tracking
Surgical Tool Tracking.PNG

Ensuring patient safety and quality of care is one of the highest priorities for healthcare providers. Automated surgical tool tracking helps improve efficiency and save costs for hospitals as surgeries may be delayed because a critical piece cannot be found or is left inside patient's body. In this project I developed a framework for tracking surgical tools in real-time. 

Surgical Skill Evaluation

With advances in new areas such as surgical robotics, researchers now have the tools and data to analyze surgical motion with the goal of differentiating the level of technical skill in surgeons. In this project I developed a framework to evaluate surgeon's skills based on tracked kinematics and demonstrate which motion patterns contributed the most to the classifier's decisions. 

Skill Evaluation.PNG